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Institutional - ASCB - Association of Supervisors and Controllers of Brazil
Supervisors and Controllers Association of Brazil
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Welcome to the ASCB



The ASCB was created on September 15th, 2010, in order to adjust the associated companies to provide services and supervision controls in internationally recognized quality standard as well as encourage continuous improvement of the professional activities of its associates.

The initiative came from holding companies related taxpayers of the National Association of Grain Exporters - ANEC, which sought an association that had more specific guidance for the sector supervision and controls.

The satisfaction of our customers is the result of how effective and transparent we are, and our responsibilities grow to the extent that the results of our actions become increasingly globalized.


Our mission is to adjust the companies to the market of supervisions and controls providing superior quality services in accordance with the internationally recognized standards, which answer and satisfy the requests of our customers and also in accordance with our Conduct Code. 


Putting into practice our best knowledge and experience. In this process we can show our commitment with the quality of services to our customers.


Our ethics values, independence, impartiality, transparency, dignity and professional refinement are put into action with ASCB Conduct Code.


To join supervisory and controller companies; 

To line up the service quality standard offered by the associate members, to the ones recognized internationally; 

To stimulate the technical and professional refinement of associate members;

To cooperate with private initiative, as well as with the national and international agencies and institutions, in the study and solution of problems related to its associates activity;

To preserve the free competition in offers and in economic order;

To promote defense of supervision segment companies;  


Pedro Alberto Nunes de Matos – Superinspect

Benjamin Maria Bourse – Control Union

Marc-Antony Brandt – SGS


Andressa Zamai


Alfredo Mendes Júnior – SGS

Artur Ramos – Abeni Surveyors

Benjamin Bourse – Control Union

Bruce Abrantes – Inspectorate

Cristiane Padula – Cotecna

Fabio Liborio – Cotecna

Felipe Norato – Inspectorate

Guilherme Cauduro – Schutter

Gustavo Mathias – Control Union

Henrique Calderon – SGS

Marc-Antony Brandt – SGS

Marcos Cioni – Abeni Surveyors

Pedro Matos – Superinspect

Rubens Luciano – Schutter

Sérgio Lopes – Abeni Surveyors


Adelia Metello – Superinspect

Adriana de Souza – Abeni Surveyors

Ana Lúcia Correa – Control Union

Carlos Azevedo – Control Union

Fernandha Rodrigues – SGS

Guilherme Cauduro – Schutter

Helio Miranda Chagas – Inspectorate

Leda Kawaguti – Cotecna

Nadir Ferreira – Abeni Surveyors

Pedro Matos – Superinspect

 Código de Ética e Conduta – ASCB

Supervisors and Controllers Association of Brazil
Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1656 - 8° andar - cj. A - São Paulo, SP

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